Spay and Save Cats

Spay and Save has many cats and kittens waiting in foster homes or in habitats at our partner store locations. Search through our list of available cats below, and check back often as our “whiskers” change frequently.

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 Primary Image Name Location Gender Age Description Special Considerations
Primary ImageWubby, Cookie and BuddyCourtesy PostMale07/28/2015DSH
Primary ImageWilliamCity of PawsMale02/15/2022DSH brown tabby with white chest, face & socks
Primary ImageWaffleFoster HomeFemale05/16/2023DSH, Grey/white
Primary ImageTylerFoster HomeMale05/01/2023DSH, Black
Primary ImageTumbleweedFoster HomeFemale07/04/2022DSH grey tabby
Primary ImageTokenPerk Valley Pet EateryFemale06/04/2021DSH, Tabby
Primary ImageTillyPerk Valley Pet EateryFemale04/13/2023DSH, Brown Tabby with white paws and chest
Primary ImageTiaCourtesy PostFemale08/15/2018DSH, Calico
Primary ImageTeslaPerk Valley Pet EateryMale04/13/2023DSH, Brown Tabby
Primary ImageTeddy BearCourtesy PostMale07/15/2016Russian Blue
Primary ImageTabithaPetco LimerickFemale06/01/2023DSH; grey tabby
Primary ImageSurelyFoster HomeMale06/25/2023DSH, Gray Tabby
Primary ImageSunkistCourtesy PostFemale07/12/2022DSH, Light bown tabby
Primary ImageSpockFoster HomeMale05/16/2023DSH, Black
Primary ImageSpiritCourtesy PostFemale06/12/2020DMH, White with tabby patches
  • Prefers to be only cat
  • Does not like dogs
Primary ImageSneakerFoster HomeFemale06/09/2023DSH White/calico markings
Primary ImageSleepyCourtesy PostMale11/01/2021DSH, White with black spots
Primary ImageSaucerFoster HomeFemale06/09/2023DSH; Orange tabby/white
Primary ImageRoxanneFoster HomeFemale03/14/2023DSH, Brown tabby
Primary ImageRosaFoster HomeFemale03/14/2023DSH, Brown tabby
Primary ImageRiverFoster HomeMale12/23/2020DSH Silver Tabby
Primary ImagePrinceFoster HomeMale10/19/2016DSH, Buff tabby
Primary ImagePoppiCourtesy PostMale04/27/2021DSH, Orange tabby with white
Primary ImagePantherFoster HomeFemale05/03/2023DSH, Black and white tuxedo
Primary ImagePandaFoster HomeFemale01/12/2022DSH White with grey markings, polydactyl
  • Prefers to be only cat
 Primary Image Name Location Gender Age Description Special Considerations

If you are interested in adopting a cat and would like to make this pet a permanent member of your family, please submit an adoption application. A Spay and Save volunteer will reach out to you once your application is received.

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