About Spay and Save

The Mission Statement of Spay and Save, Inc.

Spay and Save, Inc. is a 501C3, non-profit, all-volunteer organization devoted to general animal welfare and education. Spay and Save, Inc. strives to provide assistance to pets and their financially distressed owners, providing low cost spaying, neutering, and veterinary care for animals in need. This organization also rescues, medically treats, and finds homes for homeless pets, using a network of volunteers and foster homes.

How We Work

Spay and Save, Inc. is not a shelter but rather attempts to educate the general public in all matters of animal welfare, hoping to eventually eliminate the burgeoning population of unwanted cats and dogs. We are not the largest rescue in town, but our network of foster homes saved over 300 cats and 100 dogs last year alone.

Because the majority of our cats and dogs live in our homes, we can offer knowledgeable recommendations regarding their behavior and needs. We form genuine relationships with our adopters and help them find the perfect additions to their families. We stay in touch with our adopters to ensure their pets are happy and healthy, and we help them find whatever assistance and care they might need.

There is no mandatory adoption fee with our organization, but donations in any amount are always welcome and appreciated. All donations made to Spay and Save, Inc. are 100% tax deductible. Every penny of monetary donations goes directly to food, supplies and veterinary services for our foster pets awaiting their forever homes.

Our History

In 2007, we lost the founder and driving force of our organization: Peg Banes. Her legacy lives on in the many dedicated volunteers of this organication and devotees of this remarkable woman, some of whom went on to form their own organizations. It all began in the late 1970s at Olney High in Philadelphia where Peg and a few other teachers attempted to change the plight of starving and neglected cats and dogs living on area streets. Initially, they used their own finances for food and vet care but eventually, Peg incorporated their efforts to create Spay and Save in 1982, enabling them to collect donations. Never sleeping, never vacationing, always giving, Peg expanded her efforts to her home turf and even gave shelter to some displaced and homeless students who had lost all hope. 

Peg strived to make veterinary care affordable to everyone. She offered free or discounted spaying and neutering to those in need, and began our participating veterinarian program to encourage veterinarians to do the same. Currently, we have several veterinarians in the five county area who participate in our program, discounting their services for those in greatest need.

The plight closest to Peg’s heart, though, was that of the feral cat. A huge advocate of TNR, she was also the trailblazer for garden/barn placement programs. She, alone, would drive hundreds of miles if there were a farm or orchard or garden where her ferals could be safe and live happily. Not only did she check out the home and drive back to place the animals, but also drove to the location a third time to be sure her beloved felines were doing well. Today, certain organizations still perform barn placements, thanks to this great teacher, trailblazer and pioneer.

Our Relationship with Petco

It all began in the early 1990s with a King of Prussia Petco manager named Donna Weeden. Another pioneer with a vision, Donna allowed our organization to place large cages in her store with volunteers coming in two to three times per day to care for the kitties (and sometimes dogs) in those cages.  Donna quickly became District Manager of several stores and we soon were invited to be the resident rescue in the Malvern Petco (now Exton Petco). Today, our cats are displayed in three Petco locations along with retail stores such as Perk Valley Pet Eatery and other locations. 

Join Us!

Every penny that we receive through monetary donations goes directly to veterinary services, as well as food and supplies, for our foster pets awaiting their forever homes. This model makes our volunteers so important to our efforts in finding homes for our dogs and cats.

Please consider joining our team! We are always in need of volunteers, including foster homes and animal transporters.