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Spay and Save, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to general animal welfare and education. Our network of volunteers strives to help good people adopt healthy pets. We’re not the largest animal rescue, and we’re okay with that! We form genuine relationships with our adopters and help them find the perfect additions to their families. We stay in touch with our adopters to ensure their pets are happy and healthy, and we help them find whatever assistance and care they might need.

There is no mandatory adoption fee with our organization, but donations in any amount are always welcome and appreciated. All donations made to Spay and Save, Inc. are 100% tax deductible. Every penny of your monetary donation goes directly to veterinary services as well as food and supplies for our foster pets awaiting their forever homes. 

Featured Pets

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Originally a native of Strawberry Mansion cat colony in North Philly neighborhood before relocating with her siblings, mom and grandmother to Spay and Save foster care. She is spunky with her people, loves her scratchers, enjoys her crinkle tunnel and sleeping box. She would be a great family member for an individual/family who desire to have. She prefers to be an only cat, but would be willing to accept a cat-mate, if the cat-mate respected Panda’s space and her superior intellect.

Manners: She likes pets and wants to be around her family but also is independent. She is very content inside where there is food, people, warmth, comfort and safety where she is loved. Panda is a confident cat and likes to groom her people in exchange for pets. No dogs experience. She would be the princess of her castle for sure and likes to share your bed as hers.

Special attributes: Super soft fur. Extra toes, making her a polydactyl feline.

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We have a big yard in our Germantown property, and we have always had and fed various feral cats over the years. Mischeva showed up several months ago. She is very friendly and loves to be petted and held, so we are sure he was once a house cat and will make a great pet for someone. He can be a bit assertive with the other cats at feeding time but otherwise gets along well with them. Our five-year-old great niece gave her the name Mischeva.

(Age is very approximate best guess. Contact information below)

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Bernadette is a DSH, female black/white adorable girl, very young, under 1 year old. She was trapped in a ceiling in Pottstown for four days without food or water. A hero came along, cut out the ceiling and rescued little Ms. Bernie. She is so happy and will repay any kindness with purrs, head butts and rubs. She eats both wet and dry food and is fine with other kitties. Not tested with dogs.

Please apply ONLY if you can commit to this pet's lifetime
and give him/her the care and kindness deserved.

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Meet Mia! This spunky girl is half German shepherd, half Belgian Malinois, and 100% a good girl. As of this writing (March 2024) she is 7 months old and about 35 lbs. She is house trained and crate trained.

Mia was put up for adoption at 6 months of age through no fault of her own. Her owner encountered unexpected family challenges and was not able to give enough time to this growing puppy. She previously lived with cats and another dog who she loved playing with. She is good with children over the age of 10.

True to her breed, she is smart and athletic. Her favorite activity is by far playing with you and a flirt pole. She also enjoys playing tug, chasing a ball, sniffing walks, chew toys, and working for food or play. Personality: Joyful! Overall she a very happy positive pup. She is eager to please. She is not mouthy unless overstimulated, which is very impressive for her age.

Energy Level: medium-high, needing at least an hour of exercise per day as well as mentally stimulating training. She is eager to interact with you and learn new things.

Challenges: When she first got to the kennel Mia was wary of new people and dogs. Now she is excited to meet new people and has gotten better with strange dogs. As a guardian breed, her natural first reaction is to bark at people and dogs she sees outside. Her adopter will want to continue working on socialization with her and discouraging guarding behaviors.

Medical issues: None! She is spayed and ready to go home.

The best home for Mia would be a breed experienced household or adopters who are eager to engage in formal dog training. This kind of dog thrives on structure and engagement, but without it becomes a real handful. Any doggie siblings would need slow introductions. A well socialized dog sibling would be really good for her confidence and to show her the ropes. She requires a fenced yard.

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Lilly Pie as her foster mom calls her is the prettiest girl with gorgeous green eyes. This sweet hound/terrier mix is full of love and just waiting to find a family of their own and until she does, she loves running around her foster mom's fenced yard with her brother Bruce.
Lilly Pie has so much love to give and thinks she is a lap dog but is ready to go on any adventure. Their foster mom loves them so much but knows they need a family of their own.

For more information on these cute pups, click on ADOPT to fill out an online application.

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Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae's owner can no longer care for her so this sweet girl who lived with her mom since she is 8 weeks old is looking for a new home.

Sadie Mae loves exploring her fenced yard and sitting on your lap to get and give lots of love.  She likes to follow you where ever you go and to play with her stuffed toys.  Sadie has been the only dog in a home for all her life, and even though she gets along with other dogs, we feel she would be more comfortable in a home by herself with no other dogs or small children. Sadie is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all her shots.

If you are looking for a new best furry friend and live in our adoption area of Bucks, Montgomery or Chester Counties in PA, please fill out an online application.

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Upcoming Adoption Events

We are grateful to the businesses that partner with us and allow us to bring our adoptable cats and dogs into their stores. If you are looking to add to your family, please come out to join us at our next adoption event!

April 2024

We have cats available for adoption at the following locations:

Volunteer with us!

Every penny that we receive through monetary donations goes directly towards veterinary services, food and supplies for our foster pets awaiting their forever home. This model makes our volunteers so important to our efforts in finding homes for our dogs and cats. We are always in need of volunteers such as foster homes and animal transporters. Please consider joining our team.

Spotlight on Volunteers

Toni Dougherty

Toni Dougherty has been a volunteer with Spay and Save for over 30 years and has been writing our volunteer newsletter for 21 years. Multi-talented, creative and versatile, we owe Toni a great debt of gratitude for hosting our yearly holiday parties at her exquisitely decorated home where everyone enjoys home-made and pot luck dishes, in addition to fostering, transporting and assisting with adoption days. She has owned over 30 kitties in her lifetime and says of our organization,It’s been a real pleasure working for the Spay and Save organization for I can see the changes that have made the lives of dogs and cats in our society so much better.” 


Paula Ulrich Wenke

Paula Ulrich Wenke has been a pillar of our dog division since 2013. This photo is so fitting because Paula is seldom seen without dogs in her lap, walking at her side or curled up on her couch with her dear husband, Randall. Paula has given so much of her time to our dogs. She has fostered some of our dogs, often taking the most difficult and problematic of our furry kids. Paula has attended many adoption days, transported dogs to their forever homes, performed home visits, trained and socialized many of our fosters and supported our organization financially. We are so grateful to Paula and Randall.